The modern professional golfer understands that to play the game well, you need to be in decent shape. Although we can’t all be the next Tiger Woods, regular directed exercise will certainly help to improve your play.

According to Golf Insider, an optimal workout will help minimize the chance of injury, reduce fatigue, and allow you to swing the club any way you please.

Many golf exercise programs are split into three sections: mobility, strength and power.


Without adequate mobility in particular areas of the body, making the golf swing we want can seem impossible. Mobility exercises are usually focused on the spine, hips and shoulders.

For example, hip and lower body stretches will help to strengthen your core, traditionally the weakest part of the body for many golfers. Without strong, pliable muscles in your stomach, hips, butt and lower back, your golf swing will neither be powerful nor technically sound.

One specific exercise directed to the body’s core is the mini-band walk. Place a stretchable band around your legs above the knee and another around your ankles. Walk forward in small steps, keeping your knees bent, swinging your elbows as you move. Keep your back straight and your knees over your toes.


Increased strength levels will help to boost the speed of your club head. This can lead to dramatic improvements in your game. Strength training is especially important for senior golfers, as we rapidly lose strength as we age.

The single leg dead lift is a good strength exercise for golfers. Stand on your left foot with small weights in each hand. Slowly tilt forward from the hips keeping your torso and back straight. Try to keep the leg supporting your weight as straight as possible also. Repeat with your right leg.


In golf terms, you need strength to swing the club correctly and power to do it quickly. The muscles you have spent hours training are rendered useless if you can’t get them to work in a timely manner.

To increase power, start from a squatting position holding a barbell. Quickly stand up. Then bend your arms and thrust the barbell to shoulder height.

There are numerous examples of golf-specific workouts and exercises. Find a program you like and stick with it. Three-to-five times a week is ideal. As your fitness improves, you’ll likely see a corresponding boost in your golf game.