Your golf bag is your carry-all on the course that holds all the essentials: clubs, balls, tees, towels, a ball marker, and your tool for repairing divots. It’s the Swiss Army Knife of the fairway. While these items are obvious, here are eight others you might want to consider adding if you don’t already have them, so you’re prepared for anything.

Business cards

You never know whom you’re going to run into on the course or in the clubhouse. That’s why it’s always good to keep some business cards in your bag. It makes networking easier. Giving out your business card is a much classier move than writing your number and email address on their scorecard or a scrap of paper.

Rain gear

Yes, the skies can open when you least expect them to, so you’ll want to be ready so you don’t get drenched while on the greens. Pack a lightweight nylon poncho or jacket and a waterproof hat or cap to protect yourself from the elements. Or invest in a good rainsuit.

Extra socks

Even if the weatherman is predicting a sunny, pleasant day with zero chance of precipitation, it’s good to have a few extra pairs of socks in your bag. Let’s say you start playing a morning round while the grass is still dewy. Your socks get wet, and that’s no fun. Rather than hope they dry quickly, do a quick change on the course and up your comfort level.


Sun protection

Playing golf in the sizzling sun can be problematic for the unprotected golfer. It’s not just the sun either; water hazards and even the sand in sand traps can reflect UV rays, exacerbating the problem. Rather than risk sunburn or worse, pack some sun protection gear, including a high-SPF sunscreen, a cap that filters out UV rays (especially if you’re a bit thin on top and a good pair of sunglasses. Also, have some lip balm on hand in the event chapping occurs. Apparel promising SPF-50 protection  is now common and affordable.


There’s nothing more important when playing any sport than to stay hydrated. Before you leave the house, tuck a small bottle or two in your bag so you can replenish, especially once you begin sweating. Hydration on a hot day is not optionable, it’s necessary!


First aid kit

It’s easy for minor injuries like cuts to occur during a round of golf, especially if you’re in or near the brush, so it’s good to have a small first aid kit in your bag. Some essential components are antiseptic, a few bandages, nail clippers, aspirin, a gauze pad or two, and adhesive tape.


A Sharpie marker

Before you slam your ball off the tee, draw a small identification mark on it. That way, should you find it among other balls on the course, you’ll know which one is yours. A thick Sharpie with a point is perfect for doing this.

Energy bars

Getting a little hungry, but still have a few holes left to play before you get to the clubhouse and lunch or dinner? No problem. There are a wide variety of energy bars at your local supermarket, so grab a few for your golf bag. When hunger strikes or your energy starts slowing you down, grab one for a quick pick-me-up.

A pouch for personal items

Having a small pouch in your bag is ideal for personal items, like your wallet, watch, car keys, or spare change, that you don’t want to keep on your person during a round. Put them in a pouch then tuck it into your bag for safekeeping during play.


If you have the budget, a rangefinder for measuring distances on the course is a nifty little gadget to add to your bag, and it’s one that you’ll probably use all the time. These are available in a wide range of prices, so you’ll want to do some research to find the one that suits your needs.